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  • noun
    plural -ages
    [count] chiefly US :a box or large envelope that is sent or delivered usually through the mail or by another delivery service
    The mail carrier left the package [=parcelon the front steps.
    a wrapper or container that covers or holds something
    All ingredients are listed right on the package.
    something that comes in a container
    You'll need a 12-ounce package [=(Britpacketof chocolate chips for the cookies.
    She ate the whole package of crackers for lunch.
    a group of related things that are sold together for a single price
    a group of related things that go together
    My new job offers a great benefits package. [=my new job offers great benefits]
    (informalIf you let her move in with youliving with her cat is all part of the package. [=it is part of the situation that you will have to accept]
    good things come in small packages
    used to say that people or things do not have to be large to be good;
    -ages; -aged; -aging
    [+ obj] to put (something) in a package in order to sell it or send it somewhere
    Package the books carefully. - often used as (bepackaged
    to show or present (something or someone) in a particular way - often used as (be) packaged

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