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majority /məˈʤorəti/  

  • noun
    plural -ties
    [singular] :a number that is greater than half of a total
    A clear majority of the voters support the policy.
    [count] :a number of votes that is more than half of the total number
    They won by a majority of seven. [=the total number of votes they received was seven more than half of all the votes]
    The law will pass only if it is approved by at least a two-thirds majority. [=if two out of three voters approve it]
    [singular] :the group or party that is the greater part of a large group
    Supporters of the new law appear to be in the majority. [=there are more people who support the new law than who oppose it] - see also silent majority
    [noncount] law :the age at which a person is given the full rights of an adult
    The age of majority in the U.Sis 18. = The age when you reach your majority in the U.Sis 18. - compare minority 4

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