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  • verb
    lounges; lounged; lounging
    [no obj] :to sit or lie in a relaxed way
    plural lounges
    [count] :a room with comfortable furniture for relaxing: such as
    a comfortable room where people can spend time while they are waiting in an airport or other public place
    an airport lounge
    the VIP lounge
    a comfortable room for relaxing in a public building (such as a hotel or school)
    (USthe faculty/student lounge
    The hotel has a television lounge.
    c US :cocktail lounge
    We gathered in the hotel lounge for a couple of drinks.
    a lounge act
    d Brit :living room
    [count] chiefly US :a long chair or couch
    She sat/reclined on the lounge.
    [singular] :an act or period of relaxing
    They had a longleisurely lounge by the pool.

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