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  • noun
    plural latches
    [count] a device that holds a door, gate, or window closed and that consists of a bar that falls into a holder when it is closed and that is lifted when it is open
    He lifted the latch and opened the gate.
    chiefly Brit :a type of door lock that can be opened from the inside by turning a lever or knob but can only be opened from the outside with a key
    I heard her key turn/click in the latch.
    on the latch
    Brit of a door :closed but not locked
    I left the front door on the latch so that she could get in.
    latches; latched; latching
    [+ obj] :to close or fasten (something, such as a door) with a latch
    latch the gate - compare 3latch
    latches; latched; latching
    compare 2latch
    latch on
    [phrasal verb] informal
    Brit :to begin to understand something
    What he was saying was complicatedso it took me a while to latch on. [=catch on]
    latch on to (something) or latch onto (something)
    to grab and hold (something)
    to begin using or doing (something) in an enthusiastic way
    latch on to (someone or something) or latch onto (someone or something) :to stay close to (someone or something)

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