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  • noun
    [noncount] the condition of being well or free from disease
    We nursed him back to health.
    My aunt is quite elderlybut she still has her health. [=she is still healthy]
    She is the picture of health. [=she is very healthy]
    If you drink (to) someone's health, you take a drink as a wish for that person to be healthy.
    the overall condition of someone's body or mind
    He's in good/poor health these days.
    He has continued to enjoy good health in his old age.
    Her health is excellent. = She is in the best of health.
    Smoking is bad for your health.
    the condition or state of something
    We must protect the health of our oceans.
    give (someone or something) a clean bill of health
    xem bill
    always used before a noun
    of or relating to medical care
    She works in the health field.
    He was treated at the health center.
    relating to or affecting the condition of your body or mind
    health education

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