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  • noun
    [noncount] :pieces of ice that fall from clouds like rain
    [singular] :a large number of small hard objects (such as bullets or stones) flying or falling together
    They were gunned down in a hail of bullets.
    hails; hailed; hailing
    [no obj] - used with it to say that hail is falling
    It's hailing outside. [=hail is falling from the sky] - compare 3hail
    hails; hailed; hailing
    [+ obj] to speak of or welcome (someone or something) with praise or enthusiasm
    to call out in order to stop or get the attention of (someone or something)
    He hailed a taxi for me. - see also hailing distance - compare 2hail
    hail from
    [phrasal verb]
    hail from (a place) :to have been born or raised in (a place) :to come from (a place)

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