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barrage /bəˈrɑːʒ/  /Brit ˈbæˌrɑːʒ/

  • noun
    plural -rages
    [count] :a heavy and continuous firing of weapons during a battle
    [singular] :a great amount of something that comes quickly and continuously - + of
    He unleashed a barrage of insults.
    a barrage [=floodof phone calls - compare 3barrage
    -rages; -raged; -raging
    [+ obj] chiefly US :to cause (someone) to receive a great amount of something :to direct a barrage of questions, comments, etc., at (someone) - usually used as (be) barraged with
    plural -rages
    [count] :a barrier (such as a cement wall) that is built across a river or stream especially to increase the depth of water or change its direction - compare 1barrage