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  • verb
    -lutes; -luted; -luting
    to give a sign of respect to (a military officer, flag, etc.) by moving your right hand to your forehead :to give a salute to (someone or something) [+ obj]
    Salute the flag. [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to show respect for (someone or something) :to publicly praise (someone or something)
    We salute our country's soldiers.
    plural -lutes
    the act of moving your right hand to your forehead as a sign of respect to a military officer, flag, etc. [count]
    The officers gave the general a salute. [noncount]
    They raised their hands in salute.
    an act or ceremony that shows respect for someone [count]
    a 21-gun salute [=a military ceremony where 21 guns are fired in the air to honor someone]
    Twenty-one guns were fired in salute.
    We raise our glasses in salute to the newlyweds.