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  • noun
    plural cues
    [count] a word, phrase, or action in a play, movie, etc., that is a signal for a performer to say or do something
    That last line is your cue to exit the stage.
    a sign that tells a person to do something
    I'll take that yawn as my cue to leave.
    Their silence was a cue for him to speak.
    something that indicates the nature of what you are seeing, hearing, etc.
    auditory cues - compare 3cue
    on cue
    When something happens (right) on cue or as if on cue, it happens at the exact moment you would expect it to.
    take a/your cue from
    to do what is done or suggested by (someone or something)
    cues; cued; cuing
    [+ obj] :to give (someone) a signal to do something during a performance
    Cue the band.
    plural cues
    [count] :a long, thin stick that is used in playing pool, billiards, and snooker
    a pool cue - compare 1cue

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