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  • verb
    clutches; clutched; clutching
    [+ obj] :to hold onto (someone or something) tightly with your hand
    I had to clutch the counter to keep from falling.
    [no obj] :to try to hold onto someone or something by reaching with your hand - usually + at
    clutch at straws
    xem straw
    plural clutches
    [count] the act of holding or gripping something or someone tightly - usually plural
    a pedal that is pressed to change gears in a vehicle
    I have to learn how to let the clutch out smoothly.
    the part of a vehicle that is controlled by a clutch
    The car needs a new clutch.
    clutch bag - compare 4clutch
    in the clutch
    US :in a very important or critical situation especially during a sports competition
    He is known for his ability to come through in the clutch.
    She scored a basket in the clutch.
    [more ~; most ~] US
    always used before a noun :happening during a very important or critical time especially in a sports competition
    She scored a clutch basket.
    a clutch hit/play/goal
    able to perform well in a very important or critical situation especially in a sports competition
    He is a clutch hitter/player. = He is clutch.
    plural clutches
    [count] a group of eggs that is laid by a bird at one time
    a clutch of eggs
    a group of young birds produced by a single group of eggs
    a clutch of chicks
    a small group of things or people
    a clutch of buildings/onlookers - compare 2clutch

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