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  • noun
    plural clues
    [count] :something that helps a person find something, understand something, or solve a mystery or puzzle
    Guess who I met todayCan you give me a clue?
    It gives a clue as to how to proceed.
    [singular] informal :an understanding of something :knowledge about something :idea
    Get a clue! [=don't be so stupid or clueless]
    usually used in negative statements
    I had no clue what he meant. [=I didn't understand what he meant at all]
    Do you have any clue about what's going on here?
    When it comes to computersI don't have a clue. [=I'm clueless]
    clues; clued; clueing or cluing
    clue in
    [phrasal verb]
    clue (someone) in also clue in (someone) informal :to give information to (someone)
    She'll clue you in on the latest news. - often used as clued in

    * Các từ tương tự:
    clued up, clueless