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  • verb
    -tures; -tured; -turing
    [+ obj] to take and hold (someone) as a prisoner especially by using force
    to catch (an animal)
    using traps to capture mice
    to get control of (a place) especially by using force
    to win or get (something) through effort
    to get and hold (someone's attention, interest, etc.)
    to describe or show (someone or something) in a very accurate way by using writing, painting, film, etc.
    to record (something) in a picture, film, etc.
    to get and put (information) into a form that can be read or used by a computer
    to take (something, such as a chess piece) by following the rules of a game
    In the game of chessthe goal is to capture your opponent's king.
    capture lightning in a bottle
    [noncount] :the act of capturing someone or something: such as
    the act of taking and holding someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner
    the act of getting control of something
    the capture of the city by enemy forces
    the act of putting information in a form that a computer can use or read
    data/image capture