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  • noun
    plural cakes
    a sweet baked food made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and other ingredients (such as eggs and butter) [count]
    a wedding cake [noncount]
    (USa cake pan = (Brita cake tin
    cake mix [=a combination of all the dry ingredients needed to make a cake]
    [count] :a mixture of food that has been shaped into a ball or a flat round shape and baked or fried
    potato cakes - see also fish cake, pancake
    [count] :something that is shaped like a rectangular block
    a cake of soap = a soap cake
    [noncount] US informal :something that is very easy to do
    That test was cake. - see also piece of cake
    a slice of the cake
    Brit :a portion or share of something
    have your cake and eat it too
    US or Brit have your cake and eat it
    to have or enjoy the good parts of something without having or dealing with the bad parts
    icing on the cake
    xem icing
    take the cake
    chiefly US :to win the prize in a contest - used to describe something that is extremely surprising, foolish, annoying, etc.
    cakes; caked; caking
    [+ obj] :to cover something with an outer layer that becomes hard as it dries - usually used as (be) caked
    [no obj] :to become dry and hard

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