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attachment /əˈtæʧmənt/  

  • noun
    plural -ments
    [count] :an extra part that can be used with a machine to make it do a particular job
    I need a longer attachment for the drill.
    strong feelings of affection or loyalty for someone or something [count]
    usually singular
    the baby's attachment to his mother
    They all have a deep attachment to the old house. [noncount]
    People need emotional attachment.
    [count] :a document or file that is sent with e-mail
    I'll send the document as an attachment to my  e-mail.
    [count] :a part that is used to connect or attach something
    [noncount] :the act of connecting or attaching something
    There are two brackets for attachment of the shelf.
    on attachment
    Brit :working for a limited time in a particular place - usually + to
    She's on attachment to Australia for a month.