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administration /ədˌmɪnəˈstreɪʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    [noncount] :the activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization
    He works in hospital administration. [=his work involves management of a hospital]
    She has a degree in business administration.
    [count] :a group of people who manage the way a company, school, or other organization functions
    or Administration [count]
    a government or part of a government that is identified with its leader (such as a U.S. president or British prime minister)
    We studied U.Sforeign policy in/during the Reagan Administration. [=during the time when Reagan was President]
    the Thatcher administration
    Her lecture compared the policies of this administration to the previous one.
    Administration officials refused to comment.
    At firstthe administration denied the allegations.
    a U.S. government department
    The drug has been approved by the U.SFood and Drug Administration.
    [noncount] :the act or process of providing or administering something
    the administration of justice
    oral administration of the drug