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management /ˈmænɪʤmənt/  

  • noun
    plural -ments
    [noncount] :the act or skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.
    She's planning a career in (business) management.
    Business improved under the management of new owners.
    a smart management decision
    the people who make decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc. [noncount]
    To save money, (the) management decided to reduce the size of the staff.
    Management and labor could not agree.
    He has a job in middle management.
    senior/top management
    (The) Management is planning to hire more workers. = (Brit) (The) Management are planning to hire more workers.
    The restaurant is now under new management. [=is now controlled by different people] [count]
    [noncount] :the act or process of deciding how to use something
    He's extremely cautious when it comes to money management. [=he is careful about the way he uses money]
    time management
    a new system of water management
    [noncount] :the act or process of controlling and dealing with something
    anger management
    crisis management