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  • adjective
    what one or ones of a group :what particular one or ones - used to indicate what is being shown, pointed to, or mentioned
    He knew which people had paid and which hadn't.
    Which tie should I wearthe red one or the green one?
    Which way should we turn at the stoplight?
    Choose which style you like best.
    every which way
    xem every
    what one or ones out of a group - used to indicate or ask what is being shown, pointed to, or mentioned
    They could not decide which of the two roads to take.
    Which of those houses do you live in?
    Which of you want tea and which want lemonade?
    a - used to introduce an additional statement about something that has already been mentioned
    Our new car, which we bought last monthseats five people.
    b - used after a preposition to refer again to something that has already been mentioned
    c - used to introduce a group of words that limits the meaning of a noun to a specific place or thing
    This is a matter which [=thatrequires further study.
    which is which
    used to say that you are unsure about the identity of each member of a group
    The two words sound alikeso it's hard to remember which is which.
    One of the twins is named John and the other Williambut which is which?

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