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  • noun
    [noncount] :bread that has been sliced and then made crisp and brown by heat
    a piece of toast
    I had toast for breakfast. - see also french toast - compare 3toast
    (as) warm as toast
    xem warm
    be toast
    informal :to be in a lot of trouble
    His career is toast. [=is finished/ruined]
    toasts; toasted; toasting
    [+ obj] to make (food, such as bread) crisp and brown by heat
    to warm (yourself or part of your body) by being close to a fire or some other source of heat
    He was toasting his feet by the fire. - compare 4toast
    plural toasts
    [count] :an occurrence in which words are said that honor someone, express good wishes, etc., and people take a drink to show that they agree with what has been said
    He made/proposed a toast to the bride and groom.
    Everyone drank a toast to the bride and groom. - compare 1toast
    the toast of
    a person who is very popular in (a particular place) or among (a particular group of people)
    He's the toast of society.
    toasts; toasted; toasting
    [+ obj] :to drink a toast to (someone)

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