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  • adjective
    tenser; -est
    nervous and not able to relax
    She was feeling pretty tense.
    Why are you so tense?
    showing or causing nervousness
    a tense situation
    We sat quietly for a few tense moments.
    It was a tense meeting.
    a tense thriller
    not relaxed but hard and tight
    My calf muscles are really tense.
    tense muscles
    tenses; tensed; tensing
    to make (a muscle) hard and tight [+ obj]
    [no obj] :to become nervous or tense
    plural tenses
    grammar :a form of a verb that is used to show when an action happened [count]
    You should avoid changing tense in the middle of a paragraph. - see also future tense, past tense, perfect tense, present tense