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  • noun
    plural tens
    [count] :the number
    [count] :the tenth in a set or series
    the ten of spades
    page ten
    [noncount] :ten o'clock
    What time is it It's ten.
    [count] a US :a ten-dollar bill
    The total cost was $7.83 and she gave him a ten.
    b Brit :a ten-pound note
    [singular] something that is the best
    The food at the restaurant is a (perfect) ten.
    a very attractive person
    She's a ten.
    ten a penny
    Brit informal :very common
    Thrillers are ten a penny [=(USa dime a dozenthese days.
    ten out of ten
    used to say that something was done very well
    I'll give them ten out of ten for creativity.
    ten to one
    informal :very likely

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