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  • adjective
    stabler; stablest
    [also more ~; most ~]
    in a good state or condition that is not easily changed or likely to change
    They have a stable relationship.
    a stable income
    The economy is stable.
    b medical :not getting worse or likely to get worse
    The patient is stable.
    not easily moved
    Make sure the platform is stable.
    The ladder doesn't seem very stable. [=secure]
    emotionally or mentally healthy :calm and reasonable
    technical :having a chemical structure or physical state that does not change easily
    a stable compound/element
    plural stables
    [count] a building in which horses are kept, fed, and cared for
    She rode the horse back to the stable.
    the group of racehorses that belong to the same owner
    a group of people (such as athletes, writers, or performers) who work for or are trained by the same person, organization, or business
    a stable of actors/writers
    a group of products that are made by the same company
    A new model will be added to the car company's stable of sedans.
    stables; stabled; stabling
    [+ obj] :to put or keep (a horse) in a stable
    Where do you stable your horses?

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