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  • adjective
    sorrier; -est
    [more ~; most ~]
    feeling sorrow or regret
    I'm sorry if I offended you.
    She was sorry to hear about their divorce.
    I'm sorry for your loss.
    I'm sorry for saying that.
    I'm sorry that I wasted your time.
    He felt sorry for her. [=he felt sympathy for her because she was in a bad situation]
    a - used to express polite regret
    Sorry, but I disagree.
    Sorry [=excuse me], I didn't mean to interrupt you.
    b - used to introduce disappointing or bad news in a polite way
    Sorry, but it's too late to change our plans.
    c - used as an apology for a minor fault or offense (such as bumping into someone)
    Sorry. I didn't see you standing there.
    I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning. Sorry about that. [=I'm sorry; I apologize]
    d - used as a polite way of asking someone to repeat something spoken
    Sorry? [=Pardon?] I couldn't hear what you said.
    e - used to introduce a correction to what you have said or written
    always used before a noun
    very bad or poor
    What a sorry state of affairs we're in now.
    causing feelings of disappointment or pity
    The sorry [=sadtruth is that he was right all along.
    I dragged my sorry [=pitifulself out of bed.