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  • noun
    plural skates
    [count] :a kind of shoe with blades or wheels on the bottom that allow you to glide or roll on a surface: such as
    ice skate
    roller skate
    in-line skate - compare 3skate
    get/put your skates on
    Brit informal - used to tell someone to hurry;
    skates; skated; skating
    to move or glide over a surface on skates [no obj]
    [no obj] :to ride or perform tricks on a skateboard
    We skate at the park.
    [no obj] :to move or glide quickly along a surface
    skate over/around
    [phrasal verb]
    skate over/around (something) :to avoid talking about (something) especially because it is difficult to talk about or embarrassing
    plural skates
    [count, noncount] :a type of fish that has a flat, wide body and a long narrow tail - compare 1skate

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