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  • noun
    [noncount] the activity or sport of running
    He took up running for exercise.
    long-distance running
    They go running every evening.
    the activity of managing or operating something - usually + of
    the smooth running of the events
    the activity of bringing drugs, guns, etc., to a place illegally and secretly
    drug running
    in the running
    competing in a contest
    having a chance to win a contest
    She is still in the running for the prize.
    out of the running
    not competing in a contest
    having no chance to win a contest
    She is now out of the running for the prize.
    always used before a noun
    operating or flowing
    Never add fuel to a running engine.
    a running faucet - see also running water
    going on steadily or repeatedly for a long period of time
    The farmer had a running battle with pests and disease.
    made during the course of a process or activity
    She kept a running total of their expenses on the trip.
    done while running or immediately after running
    a running catch/jump
    American football - used to describe play in which the ball is moved forward by running rather than by passing
    a running play
    The team has a strong running game. [=the team is good at moving the ball by running with it]
    designed for use by runners
    a running track
    running shoes
    always used after a noun
    following or happening one after the other
    It has rained (forthree days running. [=for three days in a rowfor three consecutive days]
    He has won the competition three times running.

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