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  • noun
    plural -dences
    [noncount] :the state of living in a particular place
    He recently ended his residence at the apartment complex.
    Birds have taken up residence [=established a homein the barn.
    (USa residence hall = (Brita hall of residence [=a place where students live at a college or university]
    [count] :the place where someone lives
    a two-story residence
    He spent three months at his summer residence.
    the prime minister's residence
    [noncount] :legal permission to live in a country
    They were granted/denied residence in this country.
    in residence
    living in a particular place at a particular time
    The Queen was not in residence at the palace when the fire broke out.
    having an official position as a writer, artist, etc., who has been chosen to live and work at a college or other institution for a period of time
    She is the artist in residence at the museum this summer.