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  • verb
    -its; -ited; -iting
    to go somewhere to spend time with (someone, such as a friend or relative) [+ obj]
    When are you coming to visit? - often used + with in U.SEnglish
    [+ obj] :to go somewhere to see and talk to (someone) in an official way or as part of your job
    [+ obj] :to go to see (a doctor, dentist, etc.)
    [+ obj] :to go to (a place) for pleasure, as part of your job, etc.
    I would like to visit Rome someday.
    [+ obj] :to go to (a Web site) on the Internet
    Be sure to visit our Web site.
    visit on/upon
    [phrasal verb]
    visit (something) on/upon (someone) formal + old-fashioned :to punish (someone) with (something)
    The saying the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children means that children often suffer for the bad things their parents do.
    visit with
    [phrasal verb]
    visit with (someone) US :to spend time talking informally with (someone)
    I had a chance to visit with her for a few minutes after the meeting. - see also 1visit 1a (above)
    plural -its
    [count] an occasion when someone goes to a place to see and talk to someone for usually a brief time
    We had a visit from the company president.
    Our son came home for a visit.
    He paid a visit to his parents. = He paid his parents a visit. [=he visited his parents]
    an occasion when someone goes to a place for pleasure, as part of a job, to do something, etc.
    Have you been here beforeor is this your first visit? - often + to
    Is this your first visit to the U.S.?
    The President will make a state visit to China.
    an occasion when you are staying in a hotel, motel, etc.
    We hope you enjoy your visit. [=stay]
    US :an occasion when you spend time talking informally with someone
    We had a nice visit after the meeting. - often + with
    I had a nice visit with her after the meeting.

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