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  • noun
    plural pulses
    [count] the regular movement of blood through your body that is caused by the beating of your heart and that can be felt by touching certain parts of your body - usually singular
    a strong/weak pulse
    She has a resting pulse of 60. [=when she is restingher heart beats 60 times per minute]
    a strong, regular beat or pattern of sounds in music - usually singular
    the strong pulse of the music
    a brief increase in an amount of electricity, light, or sound
    pulse waves
    the ideas, feelings, or opinions that are shared by a particular group of people - usually singular
    finger on the pulse
    xem finger
    pulses; pulsed; pulsing
    [no obj]
    to move with strong, regular beats
    When he gets angrythe veins in his forehead pulse. [=throb]
    to produce a strong, regular beat
    to be filled with activity or a feeling