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  • verb
    pisses; pissed; pissing
    informal + impolite
    [no obj] :urinate
    I have to piss.
    [+ obj] :to urinate in or on (something)
    He pissed [=wetthe bed.
    not have a pot to piss in
    informal + impolite :to have no money or possessions
    I had just moved to the city and didn't have a pot to piss in.
    piss about/around
    [phrasal verb] Brit informal + impolite
    to spend time doing things that are not useful or serious :to waste time
    She didn't come all this way just to piss about.
    piss (someone) about/around :to be unfair or dishonest with (someone)
    piss and moan
    US informal + impolite :to complain in a constant or annoying way
    piss away
    [phrasal verb]
    piss (something) away or piss away (something) US informal + impolite :to foolishly waste (something, such as money, talent, opportunities, etc.)
    piss down
    [phrasal verb] Brit informal + impolite :to rain hard
    Let's gomateIt's going to piss down any minute.
    piss like a racehorse
    US informal + impolite :to urinate a large amount
    piss off
    [phrasal verb]
    Brit informal + impolite :to go away
    Why don't you piss off? [=(USbuzz off]
    piss (someone) off or piss off (someone) informal + impolite :to make (someone) very angry or annoyed
    piss yourself (laughing)
    Brit informal + impolite :to laugh very hard
    informal + impolite
    [noncount] :urine
    [singular] :an act of urinating
    He says he has to take a piss. = (BritHe says he has to have a piss.
    on the piss
    Brit informal + impolite :drinking heavily at a pub or bar
    He's had a big night out on the piss.
    piss and vinegar
    US informal + impolite :strength and energy
    We were full of piss and vinegar back then.
    take the piss out of
    Brit informal + impolite :to make fun of or laugh at (someone or something)
    He took the piss out of me about my tattoo.

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