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  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    /ˈpætn̩t, Brit ˈpeɪtn̩t/ :of, relating to, or concerned with patents
    a patent law/lawyer
    the licensing of patent rights
    a patent application
    a patent holder/owner
    /ˈpeɪtn̩t/ formal :obvious or clear
    His explanation turned out to be a patent lie.
    plural -ents
    an official document that gives a person or company the right to be the only one that makes or sells a product for a certain period of time [count] - often + on
    The company holds the/a patent on the product.
    They want to take out a patent on [=obtain a patent forthe process. - often + for
    The product is protected by patent.
    -ents; -ented; -enting
    [+ obj] :to get a patent for (something)

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