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  • adjective
    relating to the body of a person instead of the mind
    physical abuse
    No physical contact with other players is allowed in the game.
    He has an unusual physical appearance.
    He is in good physical condition. [=he is strong and healthyhe is in good shape]
    existing in a form that you can touch or see
    physical objects
    the physical environment/world
    There was no physical evidence of the crime.
    [more ~; most ~] :involving or related to sex
    physical attraction
    [more ~; most ~]
    involving or having a lot of movement or activity
    physical comedy [=comedy in which people hit each otherfall downetc.]
    He's a very physical comedian.
    involving or having very violent and forceful activity
    Ice hockey is a very physical sport.
    It was a very physical hockey game.
    He's one of the team's most physical players.
    of or relating to the laws of nature
    b always used before a noun :of or relating to the study of physics
    physical forces
    [more ~; most ~] :tending to express love or affection by touching other people
    She is a very physical person.
    plural -cals
    [count] :a medical examination to see if a person's body is healthy
    Her doctor performed a routine physical. [=checkup]
    an annual physical - called also physical examination

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