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  • noun
    [singular] :a soft, wet mixture of usually a powder and a liquid
    Stir the flour and water to a paste. - see also toothpaste
    [noncount] :a type of glue that is used to make things stick together
    wallpaper paste
    [noncount] :a soft, smooth food that is made by grinding something (such as tomatoes or nuts) into very small pieces
    canned tomato paste
    a cake with an almond paste filling
    anchovy/bean paste
    [singular] :a type of dough made with flour and butter that is used in baking
    Stir the ingredients to form a paste.
    [noncount] :a type of glass that is used to make artificial gems
    pastes; pasted; pasting
    [+ obj] to stick (something) to or onto something by using paste
    to put (something cut or copied from a computer document) into another part of the document or into another document
    You can cut and paste the picture into your file. - see also cut-and-paste - compare 3paste
    pastes; pasted; pasting
    [+ obj] informal :to beat or defeat (someone or something) very badly
    They got pasted 10-0. - compare 2paste

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    pastel, pasteurization