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  • past participle of 1do
    not used before a noun
    used to say that an activity, job, etc., has ended
    My work is never done. [=finishedcompleted]
    I'm (almost) done reading this book.
    Turn out the light when you're done.
    Are you done with the scissors?
    When will you be done with [=finishcompletethe project? = (BritWhen will you have done with the project?
    Just call her and be done with it. [=get it over with] = (BritJust call her and have done with it. - compare 1do 2
    cooked completely or enough
    The cake is done.
    socially acceptable or fashionable
    consider it done
    done for
    in a very bad situation :certain to fail, lose, be punished, etc.
    If she finds out we cheatedwe're done for. [=in trouble]
    We'll never catch up nowWe're done for.
    certain to die or be killed
    When we saw the explosionwe thought she was done for. - see also do for 1 at 1do
    done in
    informal :very tired
    After working in the garden all dayI was/felt completely done in. [=exhausted] - see also do in 2 at 1do
    hard done by
    xem hard
    no harm done
    xem harm
    over and done with
    xem over
    when all is said and done
    xem all
    used to say that you agree with the conditions of a deal or accept an offer
    I'll offer you $5,000 for the car. Done.

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