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  • adjective
    not used before a noun informal :very rich
    His parents are loaded.
    a of a gun :having bullets inside
    a loaded rifle/pistol
    He said he didn't know the gun was loaded.
    b of a camera :having film inside
    Is this camera loaded?
    used to describe dice that can be used for cheating because they have weights inside so that particular numbers always result when the dice are thrown
    a pair of loaded dice
    capable of causing harm or trouble because of a hidden or extra meaning
    a loaded term/expression
    That word has become so loaded that people are afraid to use it.
    a loaded question
    chiefly US informal :having a good amount of what is needed or wanted
    a fully loaded car [=a car that has many extra features]
    This team is loaded. [=this team has many good players]
    chiefly US slang :very drunk
    He went to a bar after work and got loaded.
    loaded for bear
    US informal :prepared to deal with attacks or criticism :prepared to fight or argue
    She went into the interview loaded for bear.
    loaded with
    having or carrying a large amount of (something)
    Her arms were loaded with books. [=she was carrying many books]
    The car was loaded with supplies for the trip.
    foods that are loaded with [=full offat