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legitimate /lɪˈʤɪtəmət/  

  • adjective
    allowed according to rules or laws
    a legitimate [=legallawfulheir/government/business
    legitimate means for achieving success
    the legitimate use of firearms
    real, accepted, or official
    It's not clear that the letter is legitimate [=genuine]; it may be a forgery.
    [more ~; most ~] :fair or reasonable
    We think her concern/excuse is legitimate. = We think she has a legitimate concern/excuse.
    His claim is legitimate.
    born to a father and mother who are married
    legitimate children - opposite illegitimate
    -mates; -mated; -mating
    [+ obj] US :to make (something or someone) legitimate: such as
    to make (something) real, accepted, or official
    to show that (something or someone) is fair or reasonable