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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~] formal :very important
    an imperative duty
    It is imperative that the public be informed about these dangers. = It is imperative to inform the public about these dangers.
    grammar :having the form that expresses a command rather than a statement or a question
    Eat your spinachis an imperative sentence.
    Help in the sentence Help meis an imperative verb.
    formal :expressing a command in a forceful and confident way
    People resented his imperative tone of voice.
    plural -tives
    [count] formal :a command, rule, duty, etc., that is very important or necessary
    She considers it a moral imperative to help people in need.
    a the imperative :the form that a verb or sentence has when it is expressing a command
    Eat your spinachis in the imperative.
    [count] :an imperative verb or sentence