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  • noun
    /ˈhʊf/ , pl hooves /ˈhuːvz, ˈhʊvz/ also hoofs
    [count] :the hard covering on the foot of an animal (such as a horse or pig) - see picture at horse; see also cloven hoof
    on the hoof
    of an animal :while still living :before being killed for meat
    The cattle cost $1.20 a pound on the hoof.
    informal of people :while doing something else
    She ate lunch on the hoof to get the report done on time.
    hoofs; hoofed; hoofing
    [no obj] US informal :to dance as a performer
    hoof it
    informal :to move or travel on foot :to walk or run

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    hoof-and-mouth disease, hoofbeat