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  • pronoun
    every thing there is :all that exists
    People will buy everything she paints.
    I didn't agree with everything he said.
    What do you buy for the man who has everything?
    all that is related to a particular subject
    Tell us everything that happened.
    He denied everything about the incident.
    The phrase everything from (something) to (something) is used to show the wide range of things that are included in something.
    The company makes everything from golf tees to diapers.
    all that is important
    To himmoney is everything. [=he only cares about money]
    She means everything to me.
    informal :the things that are happening in a person's life
    How's everything?
    Everything is fine.
    We're pretty happy with everything right now.
    Phrases like How's everything? and How's everything going? are used, especially in U.S. English, as informal ways to say How are you?
    and everything
    informal :and other things like that
    I like being out in the forest with all the birds and trees and everything.
    He has a lot on his mindwhat with his health problems and everything.
    carry everything before you
    xem carry