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  • noun
    plural drills
    [count] :a tool used for making holes in hard substances
    an electric/power drill
    the dentist's drill
    an exercise done to practice military skills or procedures [count]
    soldiers doing drill
    a physical or mental activity that is done repeatedly in order to learn something, become more skillful, etc. [count]
    The students were taught by drill. - see also fire drill - compare 3drill, 5drill
    know the drill
    informal :to know how something is done :to be familiar with a regular process, procedure, etc.
    You don't have to tell us what to doWe all know the drill by now.
    drills; drilled; drilling
    to make a hole in something with a drill [+ obj]
    They are planning to drill for oil here.
    [+ obj] to teach or train (someone) by repeating a lesson or exercise again and again
    to train (soldiers) by making them practice military procedures and exercises
    [+ obj] US sports informal :to hit (someone or something) very hard
    drill into
    [phrasal verb]
    drill (something) into (someone) :to force (something) to be learned very well by (someone) by repeating it again and again
    plural drills
    [count] a row of seeds planted by a special machine
    a special machine that plants seeds in rows - compare 1drill 5drill
    drills; drilled; drilling
    [+ obj] :to plant (seeds) in a row with a special machine - compare 2drill
    [noncount] :a type of strong cotton cloth - compare 1drill 3drill