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  • noun
    plural -tors
    [count] The abbreviation Dr. is usually used in writing when doctor is being used as a title for a specific person.
    a person who is skilled in the science of medicine :a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people
    I think you should see a doctor. [=physician]
    He needed medicine but refused to go to a doctor.
    b the doctor or the doctor's :the place where a doctor works
    How long will you be at the doctor?
    a dentist - used chiefly as a title or as a form of address
    a person who is trained to treat sick and injured animals :veterinarian
    an animal doctor - used chiefly as a title or as a form of address
    We took our dog to DrJones.
    a person who has the highest degree (such as a PhD) given by a university
    a Doctor of Philosophy
    just what the doctor ordered
    informal :exactly what is wanted or needed
    A day at the beach was just what the doctor ordered. - see also spin doctor, witch doctor
    -tors; -tored; -toring
    [+ obj] to change (something) especially in order to trick or deceive people
    to add something (such as alcohol or drugs) to (a food or drink)
    to give medical treatment to (an injury, a person, etc.)
    He had time to doctor his wounds.

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