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  • verb
    crunches; crunched; crunching
    [no obj]
    to make the loud sound of something being crushed
    to move along a surface that makes the loud sound of something being crushed
    [+ obj] :to process (numbers, information, etc.) :to examine and analyze (numbers, information, etc.)
    crunch on
    [phrasal verb]
    crunch on (something) :to chew (a piece of food) in a way that makes a loud sound
    plural crunches
    [count] :the sound made when something hard is being chewed or crushed :a crunching sound
    the crunch of someone eating a carrot
    We could hear the crunch of the truck's tires on the gravel road.
    [noncount] :the quality of a food that produces a loud sound when it is chewed :a crunchy quality
    the crunch :a very difficult point or situation
    The crunch came when the computer stopped working. - see also crunch time
    [count] US :a situation in which there is not enough of something - usually singular
    The project is facing a time crunch.
    an energy crunch [=(more commonlycrisis]
    [count] :a stomach exercise in which you lie on your back, raise the top part of your body until your shoulders are off the floor, and then lower it - usually plural
    I try to do 50 crunches a day. - compare sit-up

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