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concession /kənˈsɛʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -sions
    [count] :the act of conceding something: such as
    the act of giving up something or doing something in order to reach agreement
    the act of admitting that you have been defeated in a contest
    We are waiting for his concession of the election.
    [count] :something that you allow or do to end a conflict or reach an agreement
    [count] :something that is done because a particular situation makes it necessary or desirable - + to
    He takes afternoon naps now in/as a concession to his old age.
    [count] :the right to sell something or do business on property that belongs to the government or to another company or person
    a mining concession
    [count] :a small business or shop where things are sold in a public place (such as a sports stadium)
    He runs a concession that sells hot dogs and hamburgers at the ballpark.
    We got hot dogs at the concession stand.
    c concessions [plural] :things sold at a concession stand
    [count] Brit :a special lower price or rate

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