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  • noun
    plural -ets
    [count] chiefly US :a usually small room that is used for storing things (such as clothing, towels, or dishes)
    The sheets and blankets are in the hall closet.
    He has a closet full of new clothes.
    a walk-in closet [=a large closet usually for clothes] - see also water closet
    [noncount] :a state in which someone will not talk about something or admit something especially; :a state in which someone will not admit being a homosexual - usually used in the phrases in the closet or out of the closet
    He's still in the closet. [=he has not told people that he is gay]
    She came out of the closet in college.
    skeleton in the/your closet
    always used before a noun
    hiding the fact that you are a particular type of person
    She's a closet racist. [=she does not want people to know that she is a racist]
    -ets; -eted; -eting
    [+ obj] to put (yourself) in a room in order to be alone
    to bring (someone) into a room in order to talk privately - usually used as (be) closeted