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skeleton /ˈskɛlətən/  

  • noun
    plural -tons
    [count] the structure of bones that supports the body of a person or animal
    They found the fossil skeleton of a mastodon.
    a set or model of all the bones in the body of a person
    He hung a plastic skeleton on the door for Halloween.
    a very thin person or animal
    She was a skeleton after her illness.
    the frame of a building
    a basic outline of a plan, piece of writing, etc.
    We saw a skeleton of the report before it was published.
    a skeleton draft
    skeletons in the/your closet
    or Brit skeletons in the/your cupboard
    informal :something bad or embarrassing that happened in your past and that is kept secret
    having the smallest possible number of people who can get a job done
    a skeleton crew/staff

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