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  • noun
    plural bunks
    [count] either one of two single beds that are placed one above the other :either one of the beds in a bunk bed
    He sleeps in the top/bottom bunk.
    a narrow bed attached to a wall on a ship, train, etc. - compare 3bunk 4bunk
    bunks; bunked; bunking
    [no obj] chiefly US :to stay overnight at a place
    We'll bunk here for the night.
    She was able to bunk with friends. - compare 5bunk
    [noncount] informal :foolish or untrue words or ideas :nonsense
    His story is pure bunk. [=bunkum]
    All that talk about ghosts is (justa lot of bunk. - compare 1bunk 4bunk
    compare 1bunk 3bunk
    do a bunk
    Brit informal :to leave a place suddenly and without telling anyone
    They did a bunk to avoid paying the rent.
    bunks; bunked; bunking
    compare 2bunk
    bunk off
    [phrasal verb]
    bunk off or bunk off (something) Brit informal :to not go to (school, work, etc.)
    We used to bunk off school as kids. :to leave early from schoolworketc.

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