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  • adjective
    bloodier; -est
    [also more ~; most ~]
    bleeding or covered with blood
    He hit me and gave me a bloody nose.
    a bloody towel
    a bloody knife
    violent and causing the death or injury of many people
    a bloody battle/war/revolution - see also scream bloody murder at 1scream
    always used before a noun Brit informal + sometimes offensive - used to make an angry or critical statement more forceful
    He's a bloody [=damnedfool!
    We had to read the whole bloody thing.
    bloody hell
    Brit informal + offensive - used to express anger or annoyance
    Bloody hell [=damn it]I've lost my key again!
    How the bloody hell did you hear that?
    Brit informal + sometimes offensive :very, extremely - used to make an angry or critical statement more forceful
    a bloody awful mistake
    We all had a bloody good time.
    It was bloody marvellous!
    Can I borrow your car againNot bloody likely! [=noabsolutely not]
    bloody well
    informal + sometimes offensive - used before a verb to stress anger, annoyance, or disapproval
    I'm your father and you'll bloody well do as you're told!
    bloodies; bloodied; bloodying
    [+ obj] :to make (something) bloody

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