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belong /bɪˈlɑːŋ/  

  • verb
    -longs; -longed; -longing
    [no obj]
    used to say that someone or something should be in a particular place or situation
    Put the groceries away where they belong.
    Those kids really belong in school. [=they should be in school]
    Does that item really belong on the list?
    They belong with each other.
    to be accepted and liked by the other people in a group
    belong to
    [phrasal verb]
    belong to (someone) :to be the property of (someone) :to be owned by (someone)
    belong to (something)
    to be a member of (a club, organization, etc.)
    Most of the company's employees belong to an HMO.
    to be included in (a category, group, etc.)
    What family does that bird belong to?
    to be a part of (something) :to be connected with (something)

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