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  • noun
    plural -dances
    the number of people present at an event, meeting, etc. [noncount]
    The team wants to double attendance at its games this season.
    Attendance is down so far this season. [count]
    [noncount] the act of being present at a place
    Attendance (at all classesis mandatory.
    a record of how often a person goes to classes, meetings, etc.
    Her grades are goodbut how's her attendance?
    a student who has perfect attendance [=a student who has been present at every class]
    The teacher takes attendance [=makes a record of who is presentevery day.
    in attendance
    present at an event, meeting, etc.
    Everyone in attendance voted in favor of the measure.
    A number of celebrities were in attendance.
    caring for or helping someone who is giving giving birth or getting medical treatment
    Who was in attendance at the birth?
    midwives/doctors in attendance