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  • noun
    plural -chors
    [count] a heavy device that is attached to a boat or ship by a rope or chain and that is thrown into the water to hold the boat or ship in place
    The ship dropped anchor in a secluded harbor.
    Several yachts stood/sat/rode at anchor [=were held in place by an anchor] in the harbor.
    The crew weighed anchor [=lifted the anchor] and prepared to sail.
    a person or thing that provides strength and support
    a large store that attracts customers and other businesses to an area (such as a shopping mall)
    an anchor store
    chiefly US :someone who reads the news on a television broadcast :an anchorman or anchorwoman
    a television news anchor
    -chors; -chored; -choring
    to keep a ship or boat from moving by using an anchor [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to connect (something) to a solid base :to hold (something) firmly in place - usually used as (be) anchored
    [+ obj] :to be the strongest and most important part of (something)
    [+ obj] US :to read the news on (a television broadcast) :to be the anchorman or anchorwoman on (a news program)

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