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administer /ədˈmɪnɪstɚ/  

  • verb
    -ters; -tered; -tering
    [+ obj] :to manage the operation of (something, such as a company or government) or the use of (something, such as property)
    The UN personnel are there to help administer the territory.
    She's been hired to administer the fund.
    [+ obj] :to provide or apply (something, such as justice) :to put (something) into effect
    administer punishment
    [+ obj] :to give or present (something) officially or as part of a ceremony
    The assistant will administer the test.
    administer an oath
    a priest to administer the sacraments
    [+ obj] :to give (a drug, medicine, or treatment) to someone
    [no obj] :to give needed help or care to others - + to
    administer [=(more commonlyministerto an ailing friend
    administer to the needs of the poor