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accent /ˈækˌsɛnt/  /Brit ˈæksənt/

  • noun
    plural -cents
    [count] :a way of pronouncing words that occurs among the people in a particular region or country
    The tourist had a foreign accent.
    He has a heavy/thick southern accent.
    a slight/light/faint accent
    [count] :greater stress or force given to a syllable of a word in speech
    The word before has the accent on the last syllable.
    Put the accent on the first syllable of the word.
    [count] a mark (such as ˈ or ˌ) used to show the part of a word that should be given greater stress when it is spoken - called also accent mark
    a mark placed above a letter to show how it should be pronounced
    [singular] :special concern or attention :emphasis
    usually + on
    This year's new TV shows put/place the/an accent on youth.
    [count] :a small decorative object or detail that is different from the things that are around it
    This type of plant is often used as a decorative accent.
    -cents; -cented; -centing
    [+ obj] to give special attention to (something)
    to say (part of a word) with greater stress or force
    When you say beforeyou should accent the second syllable. = You should accent the word before on the second syllable.

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